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Frequently Asked Questions (General)

What is MyAccount?

MyAccount is a gateway to Credit Counselling Society’s online services. It provides existing clients with secure access to their program and visitors with a convenient and secure way of providing the information required for a first credit counselling session.

What if I have lost my Client ID and/or PIN number?

You can call us at 1.888.527.8999 and one of our representatives will be happy to provide you with that information.

How secure and confidential is my personal information?

The confidentiality of our clients’ personal and financial information is of the utmost concern to our Society. We implement industry standard SSL encryption in safeguarding all of your personal information.

If I need help, what do I do next?

If you need help, register an account online. We will contact you to discuss your situation. A free, confidential, non-judgmental appointment can be set up with one of our credit Counsellors.

What is a credit counselling appointment and is there a cost?

A credit counselling appointment is a comprehensive assessment of your financial situation. A Credit Counsellor will review your assets, income, living expenses, and debts. A Counsellor will help you establish a budget and make recommendations to improve your financial situation.

Our credit counselling appointments are free of charge.

 If you are a non-profit organization, where does your funding come from?

The majority of our funding comes from donations made by the credit granting community. Clients enrolled in a Debt Management Program pay a minimal fee for the services provided.

Are you an accredited agency?

We are a federally registered Canadian charitable organization accredited by Credit Counselling Canada, a national association of non-profit credit counselling services.

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